Vote in the OHIMA 2021-22 Board Election!

If you are an active OHIMA member, you are entitled to VOTE in the OHIMA election. Please take a moment to support those OHIMA members who you think would be the best leaders for OHIMA in FY 2021-22. More information on the candidates can be found within the election.

President-Elect (vote for 1)
Jill Choi
Tonya Bates

Director (vote for 3)
Alonzo Blackwell
Briana Ickowicz
Ellen Johnston
Lisa Schofield
Sara (Butz) Stoessel

Delegate (vote for 1)
Carol Barnes
Liz Curtis

Nominating Committee Chair (vote for 1)
Deb Rowan
Lindsey Lanning

OHIMA Candidate for AHIMA Nominating Committee (vote for 1)
Jennifer Garvin

The voting deadline is January 29, 2021. Voting results are strictly confidential. Only active OHIMA members identified by their 7-digit AHIMA member ID are entitled to vote.

**BONUS! All eligible OHIMA active members who vote in the OHIMA Election before January 22nd shall be automatically entered in a weekly $100 gift card raffle! Drawings will take place on January 8th, January 15th and January 22nd. The earlier you vote - the more chances you have to win!

Thank you to all the candidates who have agreed to run in this election. Election results will be announced in February.

Special thanks to OHIMA's Nominating Committee Chair, Lauree Handlon, and her Committee team consisting of Alonzo Blackwell, Ann Gingell, Pam Greenstone, Neva Harouff and Julia Vasquez.